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She also writes regularly about legal, political economy, and regulatory topics for various consulting clients and publications, as well as scribbles occasional travel pieces for The National.A new ban on carrying laptops and other common electronic devices in hand luggage on direct flights from Middle Eastern airports to the US or the UK comes into effect tomorrow, following surprise announcements earlier this week.It is the world's third-largest airline when measured by revenue, after American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Founded in Boise, Idaho in 1926, the carrier flew the first contract air mail flight in the U. on April 6, 1926, marking the first scheduled airline service in the country's history with flights between Pasco, WA and Elko, NV via Boise.On the other side of the spectrum, I just got an email in my inbox this morning from Qatar Airways stating that two kids can fly for free (plus taxes and surcharges) with one adult.It doesn’t appear to be directly related to Malaysia Airlines not allowing babies to fly, but it is pretty good timing.The airline has stated they have tried noise cancelling headphones, but passengers wanted the baby-ban.The airline still plans to allow babies in business and economy class seats.

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