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Following the expulsion of the Visigoths from France after Childebert I King of the Franks defeated his brother-in-law the Visigothic king Amalric at Narbonne in 531, the area around Bordeaux formed part of the territories allocated to King Childebert under the division agreed with his brother King Clotaire I, although the allocation of the other parts of Gascony (or indeed whether they fell under Frankish control at all) is unknown.

Gascony clearly continued to cause problems for the Merovingian kings, as nearly a century later Fredegar records that King Charibert II, installed at Toulouse by his brother King Dagobert I in 629 to control the land between the Loire and the Spanish border, There is little information in primary sources about the development of Gascony during the later 7th and early 8th centuries but it presumably maintained some form of local autonomy.

Nevertheless, Gascony continued to assert its autonomy as the Annals record that in 819 Pepin I King of Aquitaine (son of Emperor Louis I) "entered Gascony with an army, carried away the agitators, and so pacified the whole province"The first duke of Gascony from whom an unbroken descent can be traced is Garcia [I] Sanchez, who is first recorded in the late 9th century.

His name, as well as those of his predecessors, indicates a strong Spanish connection, presumably with the neighbouring kingdom of Pamplona (later Navarre) although this has not been established definitively.

2010 Loi NOME débattue au Sénat Communiqué de Presse du 6 juillet 2010 LOI NOME : Les lobbyistes du capital à la manœuvre Lettre ouverte au journal «Le canard Enchainé» Déclaration des fédérations syndicales CFTC-CMTE, CFE-CGC, FNME-CGT lors de leur audition sur la loi Nome loi NOME (Nouvelle Organisation du Marché Electrique) Loi NOME : Hold up annoncé Créa/Dev.

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Bernardes initially spurned it, then shook the hand of Pouille, before resuming his one-sided conversation with Fognini.

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before his apparent demise, Tony Almeida returned from the dead as a villain only for it to later be revealed that he was working undercover in a bid to exact revenge on the organisation responsible for the murder of his wife.

Going off book, Tony broke a lot of laws in his quest for vengeance and ultimately ended up behind bars.

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