Cheetah girl adrienne dating

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In the case of the People vs Adrienne Bailon, the evidence shows the daytime talk show host did indeed play a role in the breakup of gospel singer Israel Houghton‘s 20-year marriage.Rhymeswithsnitch — Last night Fameolous blog picked up on Adrienne and Israel’s scent after they were photographed frolicking together in Tulum Mexico.Though he appeared remorseful, the sometimes model did not provide any details on who he cheated with. The former Cheetah Girl and MTV personality has a new boyfriend, whom she was texting during the episode.The identity of her new boy toy remains unknown for now.She was raised by her loving mother, Nilda Felix, father, Freddie, and stepfather, Joe.Adrienne also has an older sister named Claudette, who is three years older than Adrienne.This might come as shock because this DCOM was literally legendary.

“I think the biggest message in this movie is that your past does not determine your future.

Adrienne Bailon started her career as a teenager in the group 3LW and eventually garnered success with the Disney franchise, .

However, Bailon knew that it was time to make a change when she found herself still portraying a teenager in her mid-20s.

Adrienne's major breakthrough occurred on one fateful day in 1999.

She was singing with her church at Madison Square Garden, when the one and only Ricky Martin walked through the doors.

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