Consolidating email

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That said, my advice is to consolidate aggressively in the cloud when possible, however, since client consolidation--as you'll see--requires a lot of configuration, and you'll need to repeat these configuration changes each time you reinstall Windows or reset your mobile device.

So the more consolidation you've done in the cloud, the less you'll need to do (repeatedly) on the client.

Because we use email for many different purposes we often have to deal with multiple email accounts, addresses and devices e,g laptops,smart phones etc.

For example, you may have a work email account, and also a private email account that you need to access.

Lotus Domino is the central component in a messaging and document retrieval system capable of far more than email and scheduling - it can, for example, host a professional firm's knowledge management efforts or a collaborative work environment for ad hoc teams.

In the long run it's those other capabilities that could make consolidating to Domino a good idea for your organization - because you'll be able to do stuff, like deploy multiple portals concurrently or skip the Active Directory, Exchange, and Outlook upgrades coming with the next Microsoft server release, that just aren't practical in the traditional Microsoft client-server world.

Using this method the email management and access is kept completely separate..

The good news is that it is possible to consolidate all those email accounts into one, without losing anything stored on the other services.Domino runs on just about everything too: meaning that your consolidation options include servers running major Windows variants, z OS, Linux, Solaris, and even AIX.My hypothetical Sun pod, regular readers will recall, costs around 80K and includes the rack, oversize UPS, network gear, disk arrays, and at least one 16GB or larger T2000 processor.I've written about both of these approaches, in Email Consolidation: How-To Collect Email From Other Accounts and Email Consolidation: How-To Forward Email to Other Accounts, respectively.In this article, I'd like to turn my attention to client-based email account consolidation.

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