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This not only leads to a victimization of one of the partners, most often the woman, but creates social problems with widespread consequences. The first where the NRI groom ostensibly comes bride-hunting to India while the actual aim is to make money and the second where an NRI marriage is used as a way to get a visa for the partner residing in India.

It is the first type which has particularly heart-rending social and economic consequences for the India-based bride and her family.

I left immediately (after paying the check of course).

Once, an attractive prospect asked me who Bill Murray was.

In the 1970s, the average birth rate of Native American women was 3.79 children, but by 1980 the birth rate had fallen to 1.8 children.

Most Native Americans at the time faced poverty and were heavily dependent on federal aid.

The sterilizations had an appreciable effect on the fertility rates of Native American women.My ancestors hail from the southern part of India, on the Bay of Bengal, which I mention only because the sea once had a way of washing up all varieties of conquerors and marauders on our shores. But in 2017 America, my particular jambalaya of “features” frequently has me mistaken for Ethiopian. Ta-Nehisi Coates describes defining oneself as black as like joining “a tribe — on one hand, invented, and on the other, no less real.” As the number of brown-skinned Americans grows, will we forge our own tribe?That would be just as much an invention, an embrace among disparate people whose common ground is mostly being a generation or two removed from an immigration story.The Indian Health Service (IHS) provided most healthcare to them.However, Native Americans' dependence on the IHS was manipulated, as woman were lead to believe sterilization was necessary due to 'hyperfertility,' or excessive fecundity.

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