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Your best bet is to purchase antique bells -- those made before the 1920s or so. We do not engrave sleigh bells, nor do we know anyone who offers this service. I cannot recommend any for accuracy, completeness, and usefulness, if your interest is specifically about horse and sleigh bells.New solid-brass sleigh bells made since the middle 1900s are largely imported from India, Pakistan, Taiwan, and China. "It was a ruthless process," Krauss tells Rolling Stone while sitting on a reclining chair a few feet away from Miller. Dre, Fiona Apple) and received counsel from a former chairman and CEO of Warner Bros."Any song that made us feel the slightest bit iffy was gone." For the first time the band also enlisted outside help: They spent 20 "intense" days in an L. Records before retiring to Miller's Brooklyn apartment to finish the record.“Mutual approval” is the term Krauss cites, motioning inverted commas.“That was what we ended up breaking away from.” Miller claims they “don’t respond well to parameters”, a neat summary for their musical style and overall outlook.And whereas previous albums saw Krauss using her voice as an almost instrumental accompaniment to what Miller calls "big, dumb dinosaur riffs," on the 14-track Jessica Rabbit the singer showcases her dynamic vocal range like never before.

“But I do think the fact that we self-released and everything is on us, the burden is on us,” says Krauss, from the Hackney apartment where they’re staying for a week.

Some are brand new, and they are clearly labeled as such.

Some are vintage bells from the 1930s to modern times.

Their follow-up album, Reign of Terror, was released in February 2012.

Recordings and Mom Pop Music, Sleigh Bells released their debut album, Treats, in May 2010.

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