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With that said, I notice men tend to ask a lot of questions about how I grew up (Was my family strict? It shows what they value and if they are just surface level, and it usually brings up a good backstory." — @tallisr"My go-to conversation starter on a date is to ask about one's travels, in particular, what their favorite city in the world is.

It allows for your date to tell a story and now you have them talking and sharing something that excites them!

There's nothing like a lull in conversation to make a date go downhill in a few seconds.

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Competition on Tinder is huge, so your conversation starter has to be creative and unique.

A better question would be: why shouldn't you join? Why waste your precious time trolling around when you can meet other spontaneous individuals who want the SAME THING you do.

Welcome to the digital age, when hooking up with attractive people has never been easier. Imagine browsing through steamy profiles and simply clicking on whatever catches your fancy.

We've taken every precaution to make absolutely sure that any and all information such as your email address are never divulged.

Anyone who used Tinder knows that one of the biggest challenges is starting a conversation once you get a Match. ” popped up on your smartphone screen and now you need to write something.

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