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But the actual report from the pegs her ex-husband Orlando Gordon as the culprit.Deets inside and why Deelishis claims the rumors of her sexing a local comic and being chased out the window by her ex husband aren't “yet,” and that they’re both divorced, which means chill with your judgement. Also, we’re actually not sure if Wiz’s divorce has been finalized. However, the whole mistery was removed last night, as Rick Ross and Deelishis seemed very happy together, as proven by the footage they posted. Davis was a contestant on the second season of VH1's Flavor of Love (aged 26).Now we don’t know how true this is, but we can say that social media speculation has alluded to the fact that these two are coupled up.

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However, the reality star-turned-radio-host insists that she’s no “homewrecker.”“He’s not married. Had it been anybody else that he decided that he would like to take up a friendship with it would have been okay. I’m all for love and happiness, I was a fan of their relationship from the beginning.”While she admits that whatever they have going on is still in its early stages and she insists that they never had sex, the mother of two says that she would be open to possibly dating him.“Wiz is a friend of mine. “Instantly whenever I’m seen with someone they are automatically considered — not even that it’s my dude, they just jump right to sex. For a couple weeks now, rumors have been spreading that Deelishis--formerly of "Flavor of Love" and now getting paid to floss her booty at clubs--got jumped after leaving a strip club in her hometown of Detroit.Some reports falsely made up a story about it being angry strippers who did this damage.Not sure what happened after Flavor of Love 2, but the end result looked a lot like Hoopz with a lot more class and exposure.Here she was in Sister 2 Sister talking about finding a new love, it just wasn’t something I cared anything about. Some people are saying Deelishis is going to be singing Terry Mcmillan’s blues in a short time. Turns out in the article she did address what happened with Flavor Flav, but nothing like she did this morning on her Myspace page. Well I do believe it is time to answer THEE question.

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