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I am using SQL Server so the Access comments don't pertain.

A checked box is evaluated as The checkbox is within the detailsview with the fields section.

The Grid View provides rich data features, but has a very boxy layout; the Data List and Repeater allow for a more flexible layout, but lack the "point and click" data features found in the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls.

The List View bridges the gap between layout flexibility and built-in data features. Consequently, the Grid View's layout is extremely boxy.

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Thanks for banging on this for us both and posting the solution. Once they find the solution themselves they drop it. new to .net, need help setting db values from checkbox's then retrieving value to a label control Hi, Being new to i know this possible i just can't quite get it right! Data Source = new object[] ; It shows up fine in the view. Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control. Form View Control I'm running into a behavior which seems odd to me.Hi newbie2C#, The row in datagrid is called Data Grid Item and in gridview is called Grid View Row. Data Row is only one kind of row in Grid View control. If you don’t like their default edit mode appearances, you can customize them using templates. Before we write any code, let’s see what this edit mode looks like. The events that end in “ing” are fired just before their past-tense counterparts, and should be handled only if you want to implement some logic to determine whether the action in question should be performed.

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