French culture dating

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The first to be arrested was a Serb known only as Vrejan T, 43, nicknamed "Spiderman" and who was detained days after last year's heist over a separate art theft from a chic Paris apartment.Under questioning, the suspect reportedly recounted how he loosened screws in a window at the Art Deco Palais de Tokyo housing the museum, returned a few nights later to remove the frame and sliced through a padlock on an iron grille.

To celebrate the fantastical light show productions at the Chateau de Lapalisse we pick a trio of dazzling properties in the. Research from BNP Paribas International shows that the British make up 32% of the international buyers in the French.

Paris authorities and art lovers around the globe were appalled in May last year when a lone, hooded burglar managed to climb into the capital's Musée d'Art Moderne opposite the Eiffel Tower and help himself to the five celebrated oeuvres, which he cut from their frames and rolled up.

Thanks to a faulty alarm system and the doziness of three guards, he quietly made off with Dove with Green Peas by Pablo Picasso (painted in 1911), Pastoral by Henri Matisse (1906), Olive Tree near l'Estaque by Georges Braque (1906), Woman with Fan by Amedeo Modigliani (1919) and Still Life with Candlestick by Fernand Leger (1922).

The colors are yellow, red, white, and green, with a blue wedge at the upper left.

The flag symbolizes the ocean, the link to Africa, and the multicolored nature of the population.

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