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You might be Heather Chadwell, who was the runner-up on the first season 'Rock Of Love' back when VH1 used to air those dating shows.

She had one of the most memorable moments on the show when she got a tattoo of Bret's name on the back of her neck.

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But what happens when 25 sexy ladies battle each other for an all-access pass to this superstar s heart?You Feel Ashamed For Watching It, And Even More So For Liking It!" Dalton Ross, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY First of all I'd like to say that Bret Michaels was the right rockstar to make this show, he's perhaps a little too focused on sex but in the end he comes out as a nice down to earth guy who likes to have a good time, rock'n'roll and his daughters.He says he is going to show it to potential investors at a local merchandising convention. Dee offers to help because in her contract she owns all proceeds from Paddy's merchandise.

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