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The main controllers include the Wii Remote (with optional Wii Motion Plus accessory) and the Nunchuck attachment.

The controllers use a combination of infrared sensors and accelerometers to detect the motions of the players.

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EA has released a video showcasing the voice commands available to Kinect owners who play FIFA 13.

The motion-sensing controllers were revolutionary for their time and the intuitive and addictive games captured the attention of people of all ages.Instead of a ghost or invisible entity the Kinect is picking up on the psychokinesis ability of the human user.The ability to project thoughts, influencing your surrounding environment.looks like a mobile game for the new, hit reality sports show that all of your friends will be watching, according to its prime time commercials.The game is crowded with bright colors, an excitable narrator, a hard-ass trainer, prompts to buy perks for your character and ads for State Farm.

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