Leean tweeden dating josh beckett

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Leeann Tweeden had a very sober beginning; as a hostess in Hooters restaurant, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1992.

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So, in honor of The Yankee Clipper, here are some of the most memorable baseball player/celebrity relationships, starting with the one that started them all: His Significant Other: Marilyn Monroe Legendary slugger Joe Di Maggio and blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe famously met back in 1952 and supposedly spent the first night together.

“I was asleep downstairs and I woke up to the sound of my father and Marilyn screaming . He caught up to her and grabbed her by the hair and sort of half-dragged her back to the house.

She was trying to fight him off but couldn’t.” Before year’s end, Marilyn filed for divorce from Joe.

“He and his roommate let me stay on the couch,” she said. That was just before Tweeden departed for a whirlwind six-stop USO tour to entertain American troops stationed in Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany. Tweeden emceed the shows, and when it was time for the troupe to fly from northern Iraq to Kuwait and eventually home, she discovered that an Air Force pilot she’d met back in the States, Capt.

A man in uniform Ever since she got on TV, men have never really stopped hitting on Tweeden. It’s just part of the deal.” In 2003 she started dating the same guy who shut out the Yankees in Game 6 of that World Series she was trying so hard to get to. Tweeden had been using her celebrity to support the troops since the 9/11 attacks, and on this trip she was accompanied by Robin Williams, John Elway and Gen. Chris Dougherty, happened to be the one flying them aboard a C-130 transport plane.

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