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add them to your mailing list, web page, or forum unless you are sure the offerings are appropriate.I don't want someone else to make the same mistake I did, so if you could, please help me to warn the world of this evil thing. Temple of Hydra gong constantly operating out of sync with enemy respawns, necessitating a lengthy kill-session to re-sync gong effect with enemy mind control effect. If u can let me know about the gem, that would be great. While not as spectacular as Thief, Co C Dark Corners has various noise levels but lack the sophisticated indicators of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.-General Ridley From: Bobby Fellin (immortal_cries) (msn) (com) Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 PM Body: ok, i got that... he got out, ran to the car..ruth died (he crys a little, lol) and then i get in, he drives off but gets shot, car tips, and i moved on to the next level. im in the house of dagon, so alls well about the rest of what i typed. Enemies do not patrol and remain on constant alert after prison escape. Reloading the game on subsequent trials did not incur this glitch. During final escape, environmental format wall catches player despite taking shortest path. From: Bobby Fellin (immortal_cries) (msn) (com) Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 PM Body: I have some updates as to bugs that u may have missed or maybe found unimportant. Second bug is in the temple,"The Red Gem" as u labeled it. This means much of it is reliant on your own actions.mybe was a one time thing on your game or somethin. btw, the pedestal i mentioned that froze in place only did it cause i pushed it the wrong direction. Pedastel holding red gem will unmask and allow player to pass through while attempting to solve puzzle, resulting in massive sanity failure and/or player death. This has occured with Mister Faididi, leading him to criticize this game as another interactive abortion; just like Silent Hill 3 on Hard/Hard. Enemy clipped through bolted door leading down to Captain's Quarters and save point, incurring death of vital NPC. either way they suck, and u might want to include them. I hope they have or will work that out.) and I also have a question about what your guide said about Ruth. when I push the gem, it locks or something, prohibiting me from pushing it either direction. And my question about Ruth is u claim if she dies, it results in a dead game. The loudest actions (apart from killing an enemy or firing a gun) is running or landing on any surface.From: void (ildjarn) (gmail) (com) Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006 AM Body: In the "Repairing the Bucket Track" part of your guide, you mentioned the bucket bug and suggested that revisiting the generator will fix it. Cargo lift doors do not open during shoggoth attack even if buttons are pressed, resulting in player death. I'm not done with the game, but as for bugs, ive noticed these two so far. that may not be a bug but simple stupidity, either way, it results in death... Ducking while moving is akin to walking in Thief; quiet and visually speaking, makes you harder to see and be shot at.

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