Nintex error updating a list item

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I will outline the steps involved in this process below. Add a new hyperlink column to your list, this is going to represent the button which users click on to start the workflow, so give the column an appropriate name. Click on the list settings for your list and select ‘Advanced settings’, ensure that ‘Allow management of content types’ is set to ‘Yes’.

This is not the most graceful solution I am sure, but it is a simple solution to what can be a tricky problem. This will allow us to hide the hyperlink column from the forms involved, if your list is a custom list then you may be able to go to ‘Form settings’ within list settings and make more detailed amendments to what appears on the new, display and edit forms. In the ‘Content Types’ section of the ‘List Settings’ page, click on the content type for your list. On the ‘Change List Content Type Column’ page click on the radio button for ‘Hidden’.

The Nintex forums have also been a great resource and I’m including links to any helpful solutions posted there as well.

I’m recording these below as a reference for myself and anyone else facing the same hurdles.

Click ‘OK’ and return to your list, you should see an empty space for your new column. This basic workflow merely adds an entry to the workflow history list saying ‘Workflow started OK’.

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But the problem was if the user had to restart the workflow for any reason.In a recent project for a client, we were unable to write any server-side code for advanced data processing, providing us with a perfect opportunity to use Nintex - this time - in the form of an ETL bulk data processing solution.The Solution: Deciding on an Information Architecture for Large Datasets To be fair, neither Nintex nor Share Point 2013 were built to process bulk amounts of list data routinely.The journey has been interesting, to say the least.Nintex behaves in very unexpected ways, and with our workflows being fairly complex, we’ve had to cross a lot of hurdles and come up with workarounds, hacks and a fair amount of research to solve these problems.

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