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If you have been paying attention to the local news lately, you will have noticed a sudden uptick in the number of sex crimes arrests stemming from undercover investigations of people's online activities.The Canadian County Sheriff's Office in particular has been conducting a number of online stings intended to catch men and women they consider to be child predators, and last week was no exception for the agency.Reports say that on August 4, Aaron Felde, 22, sent a Facebook friend request to a fake Facebook profile investigators set up purporting to be that of a 14-year-old girl.Investigators say that the conversation between the suspect and the girl quickly became sexual, and that the man even asked the "girl" to invite a pre-teen friend along to join them for group sex. It was a time when AOL ruled the virtual sphere (for the most part) and cast virtual interpersonal communication into the mainstream.I was addicted to AOL chat rooms, spending hours in front of my Gateway computer talking to strangers and swapping fake photos. Unless, of course, you were born in the 90s, and were subsequently too young for the sketchy days of online intimacy.The female reportedly spoke with both victims over the phone and then hung up.

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My other favorite chat room was a Pagan witch craft chat where I, 13/f/NJ would congregate with middle aged lesbians, learn about witchcraft, and pray to some god(s) that I wasn’t a lesbian (emergent symptoms of my internal homophobia linked with my early teen years).

According to documents filed in the case, a (now) convicted defendant, Jesse Mc Graw, a former contract security guard at the North Central Medical Plaza in Dallas, was arrested in June 2009 on a criminal complaint filed in the Northern District of Texas that charged him with accessing, without authorization, protected computers in a medical facility.

Mc Graw was indicted in July 2009, and in May 2010, he pleaded guilty to two counts of transmission of malicious code.

In addition, Nichols also created/repurposed a bot that used computer code to respond to certain keywords by transmitting random insults and profanity to RWM’s internet relay chat (IRC) channel.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting the investigation.

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