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The episode will probably give added momentum to Sen.

John Mc Cain’s effort to codify existing sanctions into law so that the administration cannot unilaterally unwind them. Here are 10 questions that have become critical in the wake of last night’s news: 1. “One senior White House official said that Trump did not fire Flynn; rather, Flynn made the decision to resign on his own late Monday evening because of what this official said was ‘the cumulative effect’ of damaging news coverage about his conversations with the Russian envoy,” Greg Miller and Philip Rucker report.

There is no official announcement, no standing ovation and no anthem is played.

Exploring an over 50 dating site is an emotional experience for most women.Afterwards, in a classroom down the hall, she meets and chats with the ­students in the school’s international summer programme.A bank of photo­graphers jostle for a better angle and are shoved back by security, keen to give the queen some space.She is impossibly thin – so thin it’s impossible not to remark on it, so thin she makes the Duchess of Cambridge look like Marilyn Monroe – and as perfectly made-up and daintily-boned as a mechanical doll constructed for the purposes of being The Most Glamorous Royal in Europe, the unofficial title she has held, alongside her official one, ever since marrying Prince Felipe of Asturias (now the reigning king) 10 years ago.Letizia, as she is called in these parts, is here at the Prince of Asturias International Music School in Oviedo, Spain representing her husband’s cause.

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