Sam concepcion and devon seron dating

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Later he learned that the girl had migrated to Australia. After that, JM would have crushes here and there, or some girls would take a liking to him, but nothing developed. He is also a songwriter, singer (tenor-baritone range) and prize-winning exponent of the various martial arts, including arnis.

Muslim youths were recruited and trained in Corregidor for a secret mission to invade Sabah.

He is currently appearing in the adaptation of Francisco Baltazars (Balagtas) Orosman at Zafira, another epic poem at the Wilfrido Ma. He drew on his martial arts expertise to choreograph the fight scenes. This was based on the Jabidah massacre of the late 60s, during the Marcos administration.

Victory had come unexpectedly for Sam, but due to his very evident talents and the love of the Samsters, what his loyal supporters would collectively call themselves, he won by a mile.

On October 2008, Concepcion was appointed by the Philippine Department of Education as the Youth Role Model and Spokesperson.

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