Sedating tricyclic

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Blood cells, on the other hand, were very young, confirming existing data about their rapid turnover.

She didn’t want anyone to know, she didn’t want anyone to judge or tell her that her feelings were wrong and force her to change them.

Possible side effects initially (including insomnia, tremor, or both) may last up to the first two to three weeks of treatment.

Corrects sleep for many, tho can cause nightmares in some (like me).

Tricyclic antidepressants, also known now as cyclic antidepressants or TCAs, were introduced in the late 1950s.

They were one of the first antidepressants, and they’re still considered effective for treating depression.

By keeping more of them available to your brain, tricyclic antidepressants help elevate your mood.

Some tricyclic antidepressants are also used to treat other conditions, mostly in off-label uses.

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